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Alexei Zamyatin

I'm a researcher and software engineer, interested in the security and decentralization of cryptocurrencies. I'm from Vienna, Austria. Currently in London, UK.

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These are talks I have given, other than paper presentations at academic conferences. Slides and videos are linked, where available.

  • Decentralized Mining Pools: Security and Attacks [Slides] [Video]
    Breaking Bitcoin Conference, Amsterdam
    June 2019

  • Cryptocurrency-backed Assets [Slides] [Video]
    Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), Paris
    March 2019

  • Interoperability with Cryptocurrency-backed Tokens [Slides] [Video]
    Scaling Bitcoin, Tokyo
    October 2018

  • Velvet Forks [Slides] [Video]
    Building on Bitcoin Conference, Lisbon
    July 2018

  • Lightning Talk: Revisiting Near Blocks for PoW Blockchains [Slides]
    Summer Research Institute, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne
    June 2018

  • Lightning Talk: Blockchain Interoperability [Slides]
    Dagstuhl Seminar 18152, Blockchains, Smart Contracts and Future Applications
    April 2018

  • Towards a Generalised Blockchain Fabric [Slides]
    Code Block 2018 hosted by, London
    March 2018