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Alexei Zamyatin

I'm a researcher and software engineer, interested in the security and decentralization of cryptocurrencies. I'm from Vienna, Austria. Currently in London, UK.

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SNARK Relay: A First Shot at Verifying Bitcoin TX Inclusion in ZKP

SNARK-relay is a first shot at proving Bitcoin transaction inclusion inclusion on Ethereum more efficiently.

Re-implementing BTC Relay in Solidity

Re-implementation of BTC Relay in Solidty, improving efficiency, architecture and fork handling.

Taking a Deep-Dive into Merged Mining

Merged mining refers to the process of reusing (partial) PoW solutions from a parent cryptocurrency as valid proofs-of-work for one or more child cryptocurre...

P2Pool at a Glance: Proof-of-Work Reusing for Trustless Share Validation

P2Pool is a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool and was announced and launched in 2011. In contrast to conventional mining pools, P2Pool requires no operator t...

Blocks & Chains Bibliography

I help maintain P2Preview / BlockchainBib, a curated online bibliography of blockchain related papers.